"We loved the recent open house with great slides and lots of wonderful info from Dr. Parrish and his incredible staff of beautiful, witty and intelligent young ladies. No one wanted to leave!!! You've reached a goal when your patients feel as if your office is a living room, where everyone can share openly and learn about the things that are important and so personal. We're grateful to each and every one of you."

"Just wanted to share some thoughts about my appointment last week for microdermabrasion. First of all, Chelsey gave me probably the best facial treatment I've ever received added to the fact that she was professional and educational. I've had microdermabrasion for many years and her treatment was the very best! Secondly, every single time I've been in the office I received exceptional service and just thought you should know, I will be back!"

"I LOVE what you did for me today. I went home and put on my make up and what a difference!! WOW!!! Everytime I look in the mirror, I am amazed! Thank you!!"

"A few years ago, I began to feel more discouraged about my appearance. I've always felt quite well physically and have had lots of energy. Though, when I looked in the mirror, it seemed as though a tired individual was peering back at me. It was finally time to see what could be done. When initially meeting with Dr. Parrish and his staff, I was so reassured by their professionalism, knowledge, and sense of caring. Dr. Parrish listened very thoughtfully as I spoke about what I thought could be improved upon. He offered some very practical ideas for facial rejuvenation along with an excellent explanation of how the procedures would be complete. Dr. Parrish and his staff gave me ample time to ask questions and listened carefully to my concerns. When I scheduled the procedure, I remember Dr. Parrish told me, "Don't worry, we will take very good care of you." The day of the procedure went exactly as planned and everyone could not have been more supportive, attentive and sensitive. The care I received after the procedure was superb. Dr. Parrish and his staff were obviously very invested in my well-being, comfort and happiness. I am still amazed at how much improvement I have seen with my procedure! I highly recommend Dr. Parrish and his staff to anyone who is looking to improve upon their appearance."

"I want to thank Debra for her time and expertise with my under eye injections of Restylane. Her experience and artistic capabilities have given me a revitalized look and I'm so happy with these results!"

"OMG!!!!! just...OMG!!!! :-) !!!!! Sculptra is AMAZING!!! I know I'm not supposed to see results yet, but I DO!!! So did my boyfriend...four days after the treatment. I usually avoid my reflection in the gym mirror, but this morning I couldn't stop staring at my face. Thank you so much! You're the best! Any doctor who trains with you should be counting his or her blessings!!!"

"I have been a satisfied client of Debra's for nearly ten years now. In the time that I have been coming to see Debra, I have noticed an undeniable improvement in my appearance due to her years of experience, excellent technique, and vast knowledge of various products for different aesthetic applications. Debra has a very personal approach to consultations and always listens closely to my concerns. Her manner is upbeat, friendly, and professional. Debra takes plenty of time to go over the different products to assist me in selecting a product choice to meet my individualized needs. Debra has always kept an emphasis on administering treatments in a gentle, careful manner. I have always felt safe in her hands as she never seems rushed or preoccupied during our appointments. Before our appointment ends, Debra makes certain that I understand all the aftercare instructions that correspond with the treatment given. I enjoy receiving her monthly newsletter with information about the most popular aesthetic treatments. The results I have experienced are consistently positive, natural looking, and dependable. I would highly recommend Debra for anyone seeking any type of cosmetic injectables or fillers."

"How can I thank all of you for making me feel so at home during my facial transformation? Here are some of the top comments I've received since my surgery: #1 You look so much better with those glasses #2 You're taller #3 Have I met you? (a person who was in my dance class for 6 weeks with me) #4 Today a guy looked in my car, then gave me a thumbs up #5 Also today, as I carried a couch into a consignment shop, a man helped me and then called me Ginger Rogers (I asked if she'd been a famous furniture mover) A new phase of my life awaits-Thanks to all of you!"

"I looked so natural that no one knew I had anything done, but they studied the face and you could actually see them saying Hmmmmmmm! It is wonderful, never felt better. I am proud that we have such service here in Medford. What a great office and very friendly and professional"

" For 20 years I have been upset with my stomach. I never got my figure back after having my two children. The Staff made me feel so comfortable from the moment I got there. I felt I had high expectations for my results. I was so afraid I would be disappointed. Today, 9 months later, I couldn't be happier. My results are even better than I had hoped for. I feel so much more confident. My clothes fit better. Along with the tummy tuck I had a breast lift and implants. For the first time in my life I feel like I look in proportion. After having the surgeries I feel so much younger. My only regret is I didn't do this sooner. So many people have told me how much happier and confident I look. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr Parrish!"

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone in your office who played a part in helping me through my decision to have elective surgery. For years I have dreamed of breast surgery and am so grateful for having had the surgery. Everyone in your office was so kind and caring toward me. I found everyone to be patient and caring. I appreciate each and everyone of you for the role you had. I love my results. I am truly grateful. Thank you!!!! You are an amazing team-I understand why you were so highly recommended. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Even though I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror contemplating my decision I never really saw that my breasts were so asymmetrical, and when Dr. Parrish told me the different sizes of implants I was a little scared. But they look so perfect now. I might be back for more improvements some day. Thank you to you and all the staff in the office who made me feel so comfortable both in the office and asking questions on the phone."

"Thank you so much for my transformation. I couldn't be happier."

"Dr. Parrish is an artist, as well as a skilled surgeon. I trust his judgement and feel safe in his care. And his results are amazing: youthful, but natural. I've been told that I look years younger than my age, and that's exactly how I feel"

"I thought about making an appointment for 2 years, and when I finally did, it was just to get information. The staff was great, most professional, so after the intial appointment I was ready to get rid of the inherited neck I had grown to hate and so self consious about. I not only had the office support, but great home support as well. Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat!"

"I'm a male who has struggled with "Gynecomastia" my entire life. I never took off my coat, even in the heat. I had surgery this past Spring and was on vacation, shirtless, by a hotel pool, 2 weeks later. Dr. Parrish changed my life. I wish I would have done it sooner."

"I gave myself a facelift for my 50th birthday and am very pleased with the results....extremely kind honest, and forthright with what you can expect from surgery....staff is also terrific ......... cannot recommend highly enough"

"I live in Portland, Oregon. Parrish Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center is in Medford, Oregon, this is a 4.5 hour drive or an hour flight. I travel all the way from Portland to Medford because Debra is the only one I will ever let touch my face, she is the only one I trust. Debra makes me look and feel amazing. It is not always convenient to make the trip, but I refuse to go anywhere else. Jackie, Diana and all the staff in this office are quite simply the best!!!"

"My husband and I talked about moving here from California because the pace seemed slower and the people more easy going. I got to move here first - my husband's move was delayed. One weekend when he came up to visit he looked at me and said, "I believe the move to Oregon has made you look much younger." Of course Debra is the real reason for my improved youthful appearance. I just let my husband believe that it's due to the state of Oregon."

"I've been having Collagen and then Restylane injections for over twenty years. During that time I've had this work done by many prominent physicians. But, there has never been anyone who has the skill, sensitivity, and precision of Debra. I could not be happier with the results she consistently produces. She is a true artist. Thank you Debra!"

"While in my exercise group one of the ladies said "Since you're going to be moving don't you hate the thought of getting another Doctor?" My response was "NO! I'm more worried about replacing Debra who does my Botox, Doctors are easy to find."

"Wonderful and a perfectionist"

"Dr. Parrish did my breastlift in 2007. My entire experience was SUPERB!"

"Words really cannot express how much I think of all of you! You were all so kind and professional to me-Thank you. Everyday you are at work remember how special you are to people like me!"

"The first time I received my Perlane treatement, I decided that unless he noticed, I would not mention it to my husband. It was during the High Holidays and we were at services all day praying...my husband looked at me and said, "Prayer is so healing for you, you look like a young girl."

" This Christmas my Mom and I had a choice- BOTOX® and Perlane® with Debra or New York City to see all the holiday lights etc. We chose Debra over NYC, she makes us feel so beautiful! Thank you so much!"

"Nurse extraordinare - I go out of my way to see Debra. She is so kind and gentle and a fantastic artist. I refuse to see anyone else. Thank you Debra! "

"I live in Los Angeles, I have had lots of expensive treatments in Beverly Hills, but none compare to the amazing work that Debra did on my lips. She used Perlane which usually bruises my lips terribly, but Debra was so gentle that there was almost no swelling and there was no bruising at all. My lips look amazing."

"....facelift in January 2006.....cannot say enough good things. There were no complications with surgery or recovery and I am virtually scar free. I drove from Portland to Medford.... highly recommended"

"You made me! "